Confirmation and Check-in Information

After you or your group receives the email confirmation assigning the time and location for decorating we request you please report no later than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time! Time is needed at the site to purchase PetalPushers clothing, to check-in submitting the completed Group Check-In List and to receive important safety information.  Check-in is at the PetalPushers© EZ-up/tent at each decorating site. Look for the "PetalPusher©" sign. This process can be expedited if the check-in form is completed in advance and should always be completed for groups of 5 or more. It is important you travel to the correct decorating site. Going to the wrong location may require going back to your transportation and traveling to the correct site. Occasionally work locations are changed in order to adequately decorate all of the floats.  Location and parking information can be viewed on the drop down menu above "Volunteer to Decorate" under "(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions."


There are two different locations in Pasadena. The decorating work is identical at both locations.

The Rose Palace

835 South Raymond Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105


Rosemont Pavilion

700 Seco Street Pasadena, CA 91103


Parking for Rose Palace

The Petal Pushers have rented a Parking Ramp at 750 S. Raymond in Pasadena (just north of the Rose Palace on the opposite side of street). There will be a charge $5.00 per car.  Parking in this lot helps support the LHM float in the Rose Parade.

Map to Rose Palace Parking

Parking for Rosemont Pavilion

At Rosemont Pavilion parking is available for free in the Rose Bowl Parking Lot “I.” This lot is about three blocks beyond Rosemont Pavilion around the corner of Seco Street and Arroyo Blvd. Turn left onto North Arroyo Blvd. to access the parking lot entrance at 679 N. Arroyo Blvd. At certain times, the City of Pasadena permits parking on the grassy area of the Rose Bowl directly across the street from Rosemont Pavilion. Limited parking is also available on the street, but be sure to adhere to the signage because this area is patrolled regularly by the Pasadena Police.

Map to Rosemont Parking

Church Services 

A church service will be held at Rosemont Pavilion on Sunday, 1/1/2017, at 7:30am, and another will be held at the Rose Palace following final judging, with Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz leading worship. 


A concession booth run by The Lutheran Hour Float Committee will be serving soda, coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, candy and snacks at the Rose Palace. Soda, candy and snacks only are available at Rosemont Pavilion.

PetalPusher©/Pizza Hut© Meal Deal:

Your cost is $4.00 per order and includes a Pizza Hut individual pan pizza and a can of soda or bottled water. The choices are cheese or cheese and pepperoni. Orders should be placed when you check-in for decorating. In order to get everyone fed in a timely manner, a Pizza Order Form is requested to be completed prior to arrival (click on the blue link). A group representative should be selected who is responsible for the collection of money and to assist with the distribution of your order. The pizza orders are scheduled to arrive at the lunch or dinner breaks at the respective work sites. Please stay working until the lunch announcement has been made at each building. Pizza Hut donates $1.00 per pizza to the Lutheran Hour Ministries Float Committee.

Decorating Dress Code: 

Dress WARM because it's often COLD in the warehouse. Buildings are NOT heated in order to keep the flowers at their best. Please dress accordingly. Temperatures in Pasadena are cool this time of year (60s - 70s during the day, 50s at night). Rain is always a possibility, but since we are indoors you won't get wet; however, this may make temperatures much cooler.

Special Considerations

  • All decorators MUST wear closed-toe shoes. Sandals/flip-flops/slippers/etc. are NOT safe and individuals without proper footwear will not be allowed in the building.
  • A Petal Pushers® T-shirt/Sweatshirt is REQUIRED in order to gain admission to the decorating building during decorating week (December 26th - December 31st). These items can be purchased at each decoration location at FULL price. Please purchase your shirts on-line before you arrive at the discounted price for PetalPushers©. Link to:  CLOTHING
  • No radios, headsets, earbuds or ear phones are allowed in the decorating buildings.
  • Cell phones are not to be used inside the building
  • Parking is Limited. Watch for and obey the "NO PARKING" signs. Your car may be towed or ticketed by the Pasadena PD
  • Please be courteous to everyone. Be a good Christian witness.
  • We look forward to meeting all of you. May the Lord bless all of you in your travels to Pasadena.


Yours in Christ,
Lynn Gast
Petal Pushers Chairperson
Lutheran Hour Ministries Float Committee


Please pray for the safety of all of the Petal Pushers© volunteers.

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